Ready Mix Concrete (RMC): A Detailed Guide

Ready Mix Concrete (RMC)

ready mix concrete, also known as RMC, is a special kind of concrete that is produced in a cement factory, also known as a batching plant, in accordance with a predetermined formula for the mixture’s proportions and is then transported to the construction site in a truck that is equipped with mixers. RMC Concrete Because …

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The Ultimate Guide to Hydraulic Cement


What is Hydraulic Cement The addition of water to finely powdered cement produces hydraulic cement, which is a form of cement that sets extremely rapidly and becomes more rigid as a result of the reaction. It is now the cement that is used the most often. These days, the term “hydraulic cement” often refers to …

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Ferrocement: A Unique Construction Industry Solution


What is Ferrocement Ferrocement is a material used in the Construction industry and is a composite of Ferro (iron) and cement (cement mortar). Ferrocement offers a wide range of uses in construction due to its low self-weight, minimal skilled labour needs, and low structural requirements. P.L.Nervi, an Italian architect, designed it in 1940.  Since the pieces are mounted on …

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Slump test of concrete: A Quick And Useful Method To Determine Concrete Quality


Slump test of concrete Before pouring freshly mixed concrete, a standard operation called a concrete slump test is carried out on the material to assess the consistency of the concrete. The test is very easy to do, and it is a wonderful and speedy tool for determining whether or not various batches of the same …

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A guide to Workability of Concrete


Workability of concrete The ability of raw or fresh concrete mixture to be worked is referred to as workability of concrete. To put it another way, workability refers to how easy it is to place something, and “workable concrete” refers to concrete that is both easy to place and easy to compact without causing any …

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