Ready Mix Concrete (RMC): A Detailed Guide

Ready Mix Concrete (RMC)

ready mix concrete, also known as RMC, is a special kind of concrete that is produced in a cement factory, also known as a batching plant, in accordance with a predetermined formula for the mixture’s proportions and is then transported to the construction site in a truck that is equipped with mixers. RMC Concrete Because …

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Ferrocement: A Unique Construction Industry Solution


What is Ferrocement Ferrocement is a material used in the Construction industry and is a composite of Ferro (iron) and cement (cement mortar). Ferrocement offers a wide range of uses in construction due to its low self-weight, minimal skilled labour needs, and low structural requirements. P.L.Nervi, an Italian architect, designed it in 1940.  Since the pieces are mounted on …

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Centering and shuttering – 7 Shuttering materials & work

Centering-Shuttering & Staging

The terms “centering” and “shuttering” are often referred to as “formwork.” The temporary structure that is used to support both vertical and horizontal surfaces during construction is referred to as “formwork.” This definition is simple enough to understand. It acts as a support structure while the concrete is drying. Fresh concrete is given form by …

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Pile Foundations details: Types of pile foundation & its Design


Introduction A pile foundation is a particular kind of deep foundation that is often used to support constructions that are subjected to significant loads. Piles are long, slender columns which are driven into the ground to a depth where they can bear the load of the structure. Pile foundations are used when the soil is …

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