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Ferrocement: A Unique Construction Industry Solution

What is Ferrocement Ferrocement is a material used in the Construction industry and is a composite of Ferro (iron) and cement (cement mortar). Ferrocement offers a wide range of uses in construction due to its low self-weight, minimal skilled labour needs, and low structural requirements. P.L.Nervi, an Italian architect, designed it in 1940.  Since the pieces are mounted on …

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Mivan Shuttering technology

Mivan Shuttering Technology: Its Construction, Parts, Components & Materials

In the construction industry, innovation and technology have been driving significant changes in recent years. One of the latest advancements is Mivan shuttering technology, which is transforming the way buildings are constructed. Mivan shuttering is a cutting-edge technique that has been widely adopted by construction companies in many parts of the world. In this article, …

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Portland slag cement

Portland slag cement

What is Portland slag cement? Portland slag cement is a type of blended cement that is made with a combination of Portland cement and slag, a by-product of steel production. This type of cement is often used in construction projects where a higher level of durability is needed, such as in concrete that will be …

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bungaroosh on a wall

bungaroosh and its repairs

A composite material known as bungaroosh (also spelled bungerouche or bungeroosh) is used in the construction industry. The spelling of bungaroosh has many variations, including bungeroosh, bungarouche, bungarooge, bunglarooge, bunglarouge and so on. As a wall construction material it pre-dates cement based concrete. It is usually found in the areas of Brighton, Newhaven, and Seaford, …

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